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I just discovered your blog and its great

Thank you. Especially considering the lack of updates this summer lol

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hi, i noticed u haven't post in a while, and i was wondering if everything is alright. i hope it is. :)

Yes, I’m so sorry. Thanks for the ask though. I’ve been good. I’ve had such a busy few months preparing for July which apparently is my busy month lol. Lots of Disney, friends over, went to SDCC, my bday celebration, the set of SOA and a trip to Six Flags later this week.

Crazy few months, oh and my laptop died so I have this new one and ever since I’ve been kind of logged onto “Trent”. Sorry if any of you guys get notifications from that account lol

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Elia Martell. You raped her. You killed her children. Who gave you the order?

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My prom date from high school passed away today.
I don’t know what to really say about that.

Our school only sold tickets by the pair, which meant you had to have someone to go with, which was stupid.
Come ticket day I was talking about how stupid it was to friends and being friends of friends my date ended up going with me.

Whether it was just being polite or actually wanting to go with me, I don’t know. But I will always remember that kindness.

Rest in peace. Although we really only hung out that one night, it’s all so surreal that you’re gone.

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it makes me sad when people are mean about steve buscemi. he seems like a nice guy and he’s a good actor and one time i saw an interview where he was like “i didn’t know i was ‘ugly’ until i got famous” and i think about it a lot and it breaks my heart

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Nope nope nope nope nope


My heart…




The cast of “The Wonder Years” had a reunion of sorts.

Thanks to Jason Hervey & Josh Saviano for the photos!

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Jakob Dylan and Rami Jaffee during recording sessions for Red Letter Days, 2001/2002


Some lucky people got to meet Jakob Dylan during the Meet and Greet @ the 2014 Wildflower! Arts and Music Festival.

The last photo is just beyond cute! (It’s his road manager btw)